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Boston Cab Dispatch, Inc.

Boston Cab has been the industry leader in the Boston taxi business for the last 50 years. We have 4 generations of Boston Taxi experience under one roof. We have a fully computerized dispatch center, over 500 cabs, our own free SmartPhone app and we are open around the clock.
We are the greenest taxi service in New England with over 400 of our 500 vehicles hybrids. Over the next year, the entire fleet will be hybrid. We are very sensitive to the corporate needs in the Boston area and are able to tailor our billing and service to accommodate those companies.

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The Boston Cab SmartPhone App

We were so tired of generic taxi apps and their fees, we made our own! It's 100% free to download, there are no service fees at all and your cab order automatically is entered into our computized dispatch system!

Order a cab in as little as 3 clicks! Track your assigned cab's progress as it's on its way to pick you up. Book a cab for now or place an order for a later pick-up (think early morning airport trips).

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